Vulcan Augmetics


Empowering every amputees across Vietnam with affordable, functional and beautiful orthopedic assistance is the mission we set out for Vulcan Augmetics. Because no one should be limited in their power to change the world.

An unmet segment

The lost of a limb creates hardship and limits opportunities as well as quality of life for more than 40 million amputees in the developing world. Unfortunately, only 5% of these people have access to prosthetic care. In Vietnam alone, an estimated of 100,000 amputees living in the low-income segment are left unattended. Apparently, the prosthetic industry isn’t helping people as it should.

How so? The process of acquiring a new hand or leg is costly, both in terms of time and money. Low accessibility and high-maintenance after implantation are other issues in this industry. With little initiatives currently existing for prosthetic limbs that even the people with middle to low income can afford, we attempt to be the first in the Vietnamese market to tackle this unmet market with Vulcan Augmentics.

Making super powers affordable to everyone

Vulcan Augmetics is the solution for affordable, effective and stylish bionic limbs. Using 3D printing technology and open resources, we want to bridge the gap between human limitation and human potential, giving people with disabilities in Vietnam functional prosthetics that allow for fast and easy social reintegration and participation.

The underlying magic that makes Vulcan Augmentics different from other providers of prosthetic limbs is our flexible design, custom socket panels, and job-specific attachment modules. Prosthetics limbs by Vulcan are made with a functional core that can later be designed to become adaptable to various cases of amputees, whether for work or play. This helps reduce the time and cost of production, making it more affordable, even for people with limited budget. Registering for prosthetic assistance is also simplified, with order made online, thus further reducing travel expenses.

Amputees also receive prosthetic rehabilitation, skill training, further education or job modification to support their transition back to society as functioning individuals. Don’t worry, we have your back all the way.

Everyone can do great

Everyone has the potential to be great. By partnering with hospitals, insurance companies, NGOs, and CSR agencies, we want to bring prosthetic assistance to every amputee in Vietnam. But that’s not all. We also believe in a world where people help other people. One of the projects that we are striving for is the “Makers Lab”, an innovative hub for amputees by amputees, where technique and knowledge to create prosthetic supportive devices are passed on from former amputees to another.

Imagine a world where biotic integration and human interaction is the new norm, coming to work and shaking a pair of cyborg hands. How cool would that be! Let’s make that vision a reality, by first starting with Vulcan Augmetics.