The 6AM Company


215 millions of low-skilled workers in Southeast Asia have daily financial struggles. They barely earn enough (avg. wage USD210) and are often considered being at the bottom of the pyramid without access to financial wellness. They don’t fight, or lack the weapons to fight, the same battle as white-collar workers are fighting.

The ones got left behind vs. Rise of the new economy

A few years ago, one third of SEA population, blue-collar or low-skilled workers, were the ‘ignored’ customer segment since they were treated as cheap labor. However, the game has changed since the booming of sharing economy globally, which transforms the employment landscape.

Estimated global growth up to USD335 billion by 2025, sharing economy creates a new future of income: multi-sourced, flexible and quick while 43% of people are more likely to be seeking flexible contract-based roles than traditional permanent full-time roles. Low-skilled workers now have a wide variety of income opportunities instead of a fixed one, which elevates their current income though opportunities are still scattered. However, this will not give them better and equal access to financial products and services due to lack of credit history. For example, 49.5 million Vietnamese adults do not have transaction bank accounts in 2018.

This bugged us when realizing this challenge and opportunity at the same time, and there sparked an idea.

The ecosystem of prosperity

We would like to transform those 215 lives in Southeast Asia in the most practical and meaningful way, so we stick to one principle: to help workers increase their income every day. That breeds life to our a Big Data & AI-empowered income building platform for low-skilled/blue-collar workers, which offers 03 key things: flexible income opportunities (gigs and micro-tasks), secure and instant cashless wage payment, access to equal financial wellness products and benefits.

The concept is pretty simple. We give workers daily flexible income opportunies and make sure they receive fair and correct amount of wage promised by employer, which goes cashless through a partnered mobile wallet. Along the way, their work and income history will become a kind of credit history, which gives financial institutions more confident and power to offer a customized deals to them.

The ecosystem of prosperity, as we proudly name it, would do the job with the joint force between workers, employers and financial institutions. And everybody wins.

The journey ahead

Humbly started in Vietnam, we nurture a desire to sail through SEA, especially to those countries where the gap between the rich and the poor is wide such as Indonesia and Myanmar. We would love to welcome the most suitable adventurers to get aboard with us namely ecosystem builders, partners, investors, friends and supporters. We will not promise a calm voyage, but it would certainly be a rewarding and meaningful journey.