Lead acquisition is a daily headache & frustration. Ultimate challenges are where to find, how to find and how much it costs; and foremost, how to get a better conversion rate. Time-consuming, resource-consuming, hours on phones back-and-forth for data cross-checking to find out they are NOT in need of financial service; then closing deals at very low conversion rate (0.1 – 1%). It all makes lead acquisition high-cost and ineffective. LEADX is born to solve this problem.

The marketplace of financial leads

It is an independent marketplace for the aggregating and distributing of hot financial leads. It is an intermediary that stores millions of financial leads updated real-time, ready to be searched, filtered and bargained/competed between buyers. It allows sellers & buyers to set and decide on paying, selling per raw lead and/or per results, completed actions. 

What makes LeadX different?

Huge source of hot leads: New leads updated real-time; confirmed to be in need of financial loans 24-48 hours ago. Highly potential to give good conversation rate.

Charged by successful leads: Open platform where cost, types and scores of leads are shown publicly in one dashboard. Numbers of buyers competing/viewing leads are also shown.

Accuracy of data filter and matching: Needs & Filters are accurately read by proprietary algorithms, machine learning & feedback loop. Accurate leads matching & pricing. Easy data input/output  by API tuning & CSVs.

High security and integrity: No question of trust: Identity of buyers/ sellers are confidential; accounts, data & server encrypted completed. And especially, no delay of payments.