About the role
The Entrepreneur-In-Residence role is a unique opportunity to incubate early-stage start-ups from ground zero; it requires a high degree of skills, guts and entrepreneurship. Equivalent to a Founding CEO, a Launcher or a Project Director, you will take complete ownership and responsibility for the development and growth of a new business, leading the roll out from Proof-of-Concept (MVP) till Proof-of- Traction. This will typically take 6 months where you will then be rotated to take on another new adventure, or optionally, if you fall in love with your start-up and we see a perfect capability fit, be ready to take on fully the CEO/CTO-ship and steer your venture into a successful business and organization

What Will You Do
Business Strategy & Instincts: Inherently curious by nature, you enjoy thinking about what makes different businesses tick and loves proving to naysayers that “it can be done”. You’d be excited to work closely with core leadership of Alley 51 in doggedly pursuing and designing the product and business model that will get our start-up from zero to Proof-of-Concept and onwards to Proof-of-Traction. This will take a combination of analytics, market intuition, pragmatism and out of the box creativity. You will be responsible to own the start-up(s) you manage and nurture them from birth to its highest potential.

Project Leadership: As the core person taking ownership of your start-up, you’ll be the go-to person for the MVP product launch, including the many key initiatives across Sales, Marketing, Operations. You will bring a high-level of problem solving, agility and entrepreneurship to ensure our start-up(s) is launched with success using lean methodologies.

Operation SOP: As we are venture building in a lean systematic way, you will need to start designing & improving processes & procedures. Identify operational and structural weaknesses and help improve or innovate new processes to ensure optimization, keep resources minimal and as efficient as possible. Project/business KPI and progress will be archived systematically for internal learnings and sharing.

Business Development, Sales/Marketing: As the bloodline that makes or breaks all start-ups, you will be responsible to ensure your venture can sustainably generate revenues. Supported by core leadership and Business Development Manager of Alley 51, you will be developing sales pitch/proposal (B2B) or making marketing plans (B2C), building relationships with key customers/partners that fit into our go-to-market strategy

Torch-Bearer of Alley 51 Values & Culture: We believe great start-ups that change the world can only happen when “unicorns” come together within a powerful working culture. We dream big, we put a lot of heart, we get s**t done and we have loads of fun doing it together. Work then becomes more than a pay-check, it becomes our purpose. As an early member of your start-up(s), you will be responsible to uphold, spread and inspire the same values in all stages of the venture growth.

You might fit this role well if you
We’re looking for someone who has that mix of operation abilities to get stuff done, the grit and motivation that’s needed to navigate around the ambiguity of a new start-up from the ground up, the innovation and creative thinking that sparks outside the box solutions, a deep passion for technology- enabled ideas, and the emotional intelligence and leadership ability to work with a wide range of energetic dynamic multi- functional team. It also helps if you have the below:
  • A minimum of 3 years of deep, hands-on management of functions that included combinations of the following: project leadership, operations, analytics, marketing, sales, tech/engineering is expected, but we will consider candidates with less experience if they meet our other requirements. High-growth operations or startup experience is a big plus.
  • Proven track record in making things happen. A driven approach- you focus on action, are a great collaborator and team player
  • Balance attention to detail with swift execution – we need to do things quickly, and we need to do them well. Balancing those can be challenging, and this should be a strength
  • Explorer – the ability to be a self-starter, investigate and get the data we require will make you much more effective in this role. Self-starter attitude is a must!
  • Strong communication and organization skills. You are a clear and concise communicator with the ability to synthesize a lot of information quickly, highlight the key take aways, and disseminate actionable insights.
  • Excellence in everything you do – from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on.
Fluent in English and Vietnamese

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Some domestic business travel

Compensations & Benefits
  • Competitive package compared to startup market benchmark
  • Equity reward scheme based on commitment and performance