Industrial workers are like flounders swimming through an ocean of sharks. They are having a hard time finding employment while companies can’t fill the ongoing demand for manual work. Facing this dilemma, we built tuyenlaodongphothong.com to connect workers and employers to solve the time-consuming and ineffective recruitment process.


There is always a complaint for a lack of manual workers from factories. Finding and retaining highly skilled workers are not a new issue for Vietnam’s job market. Though the matter is pressing, there hasn’t been any clear solution on either traditional or technological recruiting channels.

Manual work takes up to 78% of the demand for job in Vietnam but they have been treated by the job market as the ones that got left behind, receiving less attention and care when it comes to both the process of job search and job benefits. tuyenlaodongphothong.com exists to serve this unmet segment through a single platform that directly connects supply and demand. Employers can find the right people for the job fast and easily, while manual workers have a stepping stone to boost their career path.


Unlike office workers, blue-collar workers are clueless about the job and the company they will be working for. They either have to ask for their job directly or be hired in bulk through a central recruiter. Having little control and resources for their employment, they rely heavily on external sources to find the right work. tuyenlaodongphothong.com saves the workers time and effort, ending their endless chase for jobs by offering them a centralized hub where they can have better job-transparency and complete freedom of choice.

The workers is just one end of the problem. Businesses have also been struggling to fill the demand for manual work. tuyenlaodongphothong.com provides affordable and quick solution to help employers connect with highly-qualified candidates to fulfill mass recruitment demand using a single self-served management system with companies can quickly get in touch with skilled workers. Stay hassle-free when managing candidates with tuyenlaodongphothong.com.


Tuyenlaodongphothong.com strives to change the currently obsolete recruitment practice of the industry and moving towards one with greater effectiveness and transparency. The platform empowers blue-workers by putting them in the driver’s seat and be in charge of their professional choice, creating a sense of pride and value for their work.
Starting with a high-quality lead generation platform, we hope to connect all business in Vietnam to highly-skilled manual workers. But the plan does not just end there. The ultimate goal isn’t just to solve the supply-demand problem, but also to transform the existing obsolete recruitment process for manual work to a better, more effective and efficient one; while simultaneously empower common laborers with a mindset for a career path, something that has been neglected ever since.